Stepping stones

Vanstone's Stepping Stones are attractive and durable. A wide variety to suit every need is available.


Avalon stepping stones

Vanstone's Avalon range includes rock-faced stepping stones in a variety of interesting shapes, sizes and colours.

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  Round stepping stones
300dia x 50mm thick, 9kg:
Smooth grey PR300
Exposed aggregate PWF300
Exposed aggregate PWG300
Prod. no.'s:
P2-2220 P2-2221
400dia x 50mm thick, 15kg:
Smooth grey PR400
Exposed aggregate PWF400
Exposed aggregate PWG400
Prod. no.'s: P2-2224 P2-2225
Big Foot stepping stones

Big Foot's are fun stepping stones resembling a giant's bare foot print.

These stepping stones are available in the standard Avalon colours. The size of one foot is 580 x 350 x 50mm thick. Weight is 20kg

Prod. no.'s:
Big Foot - left
Big Foot - right
P3-4303 P3-4304  
Four seasons stepping stones

Four seasons stepping stones are exotically shaped with chinese symbols depicting the four seasons inscribed.

Available in standard Avalon coulors. Size 400 x 400 x 50mm.

Prod. no.'s:


Zen-like stepping stones

Zen-like stepping stones are smooth round stepping stones inscribed with chinese symbols of peace.

Available in standard Avalon coulors. Size 400dia x 50mm.

Prod. no.'s:





Square stepping stones or Paving slabs

Paving slabs are sturdy square concrete blocks, 50mm thick that may be used as stepping stones.

Sizes range from 300 x 300mm to 610 x 610mm.

Top surface finishes include "smooth grey", exposed aggregate "PWF" and "PWG" and others.

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