Stack Stone


Stack-Stone Walling:

The exquisite beauty of dry stacked stonework

Stack-Stone Walling and Coping blocks are made in precast concrete to faithfully replicate the appearance of ancient dry-stone walling. Stack-Stone Walling is suitable for garden walls, screen walls, retaining walls, terracing and others.


Stack-Stone walling and coping blocks are available in subtle earth-tone colours.

Walling Block

Size: 390 x 190W x 190H
Mass: 35kg

Coping Block

Size: 390 x 215W x 200H
Mass: 37kg

Installation Instructions

Building gardens and features in Stack-Stone Walling is simplicity itself. No craftsmen are required. Simply bed the first layer of blocks on firm compacted soil or a concrete foundation and dry stack without using a mortar. Finish the top of the wall off with a layer of coping blocks.

Dry stacked blocks are not suitable for building walls. However by using a thin layer of mortar between blocks a reasonable degree of water tightness can be achieved without compromising too much on the desired dry stack look.