Compost maker

 At last a practical compost maker that is attractive and works!


  • Wood grain finish
  • Durable concrete
  • Ventilation
  • Bottom access door
  • Instructions and tips


How it works:
The Vanstone Compost maker is a do-it-yourself garden container that is specifically designed to not only hold rotting garden and kitchen waste but make rich and beautiful compost out of it.

After purchasing the ledgers and other components from your garden shop or from Vanstone, you simply follow the easy Guidelines for Installation and you are ready to start.

Size and components: The Vanstone Compost maker measures 1m x 1m in plan (outside dimensions) and any height that suits you.

Components are ledgers, a door pair and 6mm steel rods to lock the corners.

What to order

We recommend that you always purchase a door pair to start with. After that, the more ledgers you buy, the higher or deeper your Compost maker becomes. Here are some guidelines:

Compost Maker Height


Code P2-3410

Door Ledger LH

Code P3-3411/L

Door Ledger RK

Code P3-3411/R

6mm Steel Rod

Code PX-A17

640mm 15 1 1 4 x 640mm
800mm 19 1 1 4 x 800mm
960mm 23 1 1 4 x 960mm

You may also order the most popular height of Compost Maker - 640mm, in kit-form. The code is P3-8412

See also Guidelines for Installation
See also Tips for making compost