Wat are Jap Slabs?

JAP SLABS are Japanese-inspired high quality precast concrete paving slabs or tile-blocks.

Size and Scale

Full: 600 x 300 x 60mm thick Half: 300 x 300 x 60mm thick. JAP SLABS have the same length to width ratio as common bricks but are much larger. JAP SLAB paving presents an interesting upscaling effect: Having a familiar length:width ratio but being larger in size.


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Strong definition

JAP SLABS are well defined with a sharp and accurate bevel edge along the top, providing a visually strong joint between slabs. JAP SLABS are especially suitable for large areas where scale, definition and accuracy are important.


JAP SLABS are wet cast 25 MPa concrete, 60mm thick. SLABS are stronger than ordinary paving slabs and depending on foundation preparation can be used for pedestrian and limited vehicle traffic.


Colours and surface finishes

Jap Slabs are available in smooth concrete in a range of exciting colours as well as exposed aggregate finishes which may be used to create aesthetic features.

Colours cannot be reproduced accurately in print
Slate Terra Cotta Autumn Earth Rust Grey
PWG Exposed
Blue Granite
PWF Exposed
Pinkish Granite
Made to order

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