Prescast Concrete Manhole Covers and Frames


Sick and tired of ?

  • Theft of cast iron manhole covers and
  • Endless iron and steel price increases

The obvious solution is: DO NOT USE CAST IRON. In its place Vanstone offers precast concrete covers and frames.

Precast concrete does not get stolen because it has very little scrap value and is rather heavy to carry away. Besides that it is a lot simpler and less costly to install as the formed concrete surround that usually has to be cast or formed on site, is already part of the frame.

Vanstone has developed manhole cover and frame sets for the two most common sizes of manholes used in telecoms and on building sites. These are 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 450 mm clear opening sizes. The covers and frames are designed to withstand light vehicle traffic loads typical to those conditions.


Code: P2-1530 Reinforced Concrete Cover & Frame 820 x 820 x 100mm thick with 600 x 600mm Hole
Code: P2-1532 Reinforced Concrete Cover & Frame 820 x 670 x 100mm thick with 600 x 450mm Hole

The lids or covers are equipped with two lifting slots and a galvanized steel rim lining to protect it against wear and tear. The top surface has a pleasing easy-clean non-slip texture. Frames have a smooth concrete finish.

Vanstone precast concrete manhole covers and frames may be used on top of any type of manhole wall to effect a surface closing hatch. It may be used for either newly built or existing manholes. See Guidelines for Installation.

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Drawing 820x820 with 600x600 opening:
Drawing 820x670 with 600x450 opening:

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