Avalon Circle

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The Avalon Circle is a segmented circle or mandala that can be used as a centre point or focus point in any paving. The Avalon Circle elements have the same thickness as Avalon Random flag stones and are available in the same colours, which make Circles and Randoms ideal paving companions.


Inner core Colour Prod code
Size: 600mm diameter solid round All colours P3-3013

Inner segment Colour Prod code
8 per circle
Outside diameter 1500mm
All colours P3-3014

Outer segment Colour Prod code
16 per circle
Outside diameter 2400mm
All colours P3-3015

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Complete circle Colour Prod code
All elements for a 2400mm diameter circle All colours P3-3016

Extended outer Colour Prod code
16 per circle
Outside diameter 3300mm
All colours P3-3017

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