Compost maker: Guidelines for Installation

We recommend that you read through these guidelines briefly first before commencing step-by-step.

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Choose a spot in the garden that is fairly level and well drained. Water must not accumulate during rains. For warmer climes it helps to have the compost maker in some partial shade but for colder areas place it in full sun. 

After having chosen a spot, lay four of the ledgers in a square so that the front and back pair face down and the left and right pair up. See diagram below. Place the ledgers so that the wood grain is on the outside and the corner holes line up vertically with each other. Bear in mind where you would like the door to be in case you require access with a wheel barrow later.

Corner detail. See left facing up and front facing down.


Insert the four 6mm steel rods into the four corner holes and push through to the ground so that they lock the corners and stick out of the tops of the holes.

Check for squareness by measuring diagonally across to be equal.

Remove one ledger in the position where you would like the door to be and replace it with the door pair.

Build up the rest of the Compost Maker by threading the remaining ledgers in through the upstanding rods.

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